Property clubs

How to join or structure a successful property club.

Property clubs can be a great way to combine your experience and knowledge in the property sector with other professionals they may have similar or beneficial skills to add to any deal. Whether it’s people you know or colleagues or professional if you meet online it’s always good to have a proper relationship first before entering a club and potentially doing business together. You can share in the tasks such as finding new deals online from websites such as Rightmove, prime location, supplier and many more. There’s also the ability to raise money together and leverage the transaction for more potential profit.

There’s many ways of structuring a property club and it should always be a key consideration to utilise the skills and talents of a solicitor and also an accountant for the tax element. However Property clubs can be quite simple and rewarding way of bringing together property professionals to purchase develop and later sell properties. There are many property clubs online in forms and Property club websites that can be searched and you should always share the comments and reviews of such clubs to ensure that you choose the best one for you. The best clubs or joint ventures will always market their benefits as well as a track record and the types of properties that they develop or buy.

The industry can be quite tricky to navigate if it’s your first time and the Property club can be a great way of bringing together advice and knowledge from those I have experience in the sector and have had previous property deals on transactions hopefully in a successful way. We always recommend to research thoroughly whoever you choose to do business with as you would likely be in a long-term relationship with these people and it’s not a simple process to get out of the property transaction if things go wrong. Until the properties are sold it’s going to be a good few years before the exit is achieved.

Matthew Cullum property plug covers extensively the area of Property clubs and we can provide help and information regarding which clubs are available and for what sectors. It’s vital to choose the right one for you and we would always suggest to register with websites such as this before embarking on any relationship in a club or joint-venture. Register with the Matthew Cullum blog for updates on the industry as well as more key information regarding this area.

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