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Matthew Cullum property blog seeks to explain the benefits and downsides of buy to let property in areas of residential and commercial. The buy to let market has been consistently squeezed by the government with more more rules coming out and tax advantages being restricted therefore making it hard to turn a decent profit or income from buy to let.

The market once was a haven for rich landlords and those looking to achieve a consistent and strong income from the portfolio month a month. However the emphasis that has been put on first-time buyers and those trying to get on the property ladder has been to the detriment of the buy to let market and the many advantages such as the offsetting of mortgage interest has been changed. The capital gains tax limit as well as stamp duty has been increased and you can expect to pay around 40% tax on any income from buy to let property now.

Even with the recent stamp duty holiday Matthew Cullum Property blog has seen many clients entering the market not realising the extent of the existing rules that can deter many buyers from the buy to let market. Although deals can be had at the moment in buy to let it is becoming increasingly over-saturated and with more and more people looking for a decent income due to the banks and ISA rates being very low, the buy to let market has not as many high yielding properties as it used to.

We’ve seen consistently clients coming to us with concerns regarding their existing buy to let properties which are in their personal names now perhaps has become more efficient to use companies to purchase buy to let properties to avoid some of the tax included implications that can be attributed to buy to let property. This is one of the key issues and factors should be considered when entering the market namely whether you should purchase through your personal or company name. The issue being that companies pay corporation tax rather than capital gains tax and potentially there are advantages to looking at this option.

The Matthew Cullum property blog will always seek to help clients in the area of buy to let and if you would like to register your details we will keep you informed of the changes in the market place as well as up-to-date news on the property market. If you enter our mailing list we will also keep you up-to-date with any potential deals in the buy to let market.

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