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The commercial property sector is not usually the most popular sector for property developers and purchases to focus on. Traditionally it’s a residential and buy to let areas of the market which are the focus of our clients, however there are significant benefits both from an income perspective and also a tax perspective to consider. Buy to let and residential property typically provide the income and profit that you would expect year on year and commercial property usually will not provide the same levels of return. Although in certain areas where there is enough population and demand for jobs they can be significant advantages to adding commercial property to your portfolio.

The location of course is a massive factor in the consideration to purchase a commercial site or property and as long as the market is not over-saturated for industrial or office buildings there can be a significant margin or income to be attained. Typically retail is the weekend of the spectrum particularly at the moment following COVID-19 and I would say that the office and warehouse sector potentially could provide more opportunities for growth and income. However even this market has taken a large hit in recent times and the full in employment figures will only exacerbate this issue, Matthew Cullum’s blog will provide updates on this area.

Once the market begins to return to normal and jobs begin to trickle back into the market this could be an opportune time to get commercial property at a significant discount to the market price. The game has obviously changed and prices will dramatically fall as a result however you would expect the government to start pumping more money and assisting businesses to get back on their feet which could result in opportunities to purchase property to take advantage of this. Particularly good area to consider would be the hybrid warehouse commercial area of the market, as these business units are highly adaptable and can accommodate many different industries and business types. The price per square foot has risen over the last 10 to 20 years as businesses tend to move away from town centres and towards a more industrial area in the suburbs. These Highbridge and is usually are located in such places and provide much better parking and lower business rates.

Office blocks are usually plentiful in large urban areas however there is always a demand for good office space and newer blocks with increased lighting window sizes and air-conditioning are good ways to corner the markets in this area. Old council buildings and office blocks on top of retail are becoming less popular and yet again buyers are moving away from the town centre is towards industrial parks which provides cheaper rates and again better parking facilities. Register with the Matthew Cullum blog for more information on commercial property and we will endeavor to get back to you with more information and regular updates on the market.

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