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Matt Cullum property blog covers many different areas in the property spectrum and gives property professionals the options through regular markets updates and emails. In this instance we will be talking about the area of property marketing. The main websites such as Rightmove, supplier, on the market, gumtree property and more websites are being utilised by estate agents.

The traditional estate agents model is being challenged by the new sell it yourself websites such as purple bricks, Taplow and such. The old model of middleman and Broker is beginning to be replaced by websites which give you the ability to sell the property yourself for a much lower commission or fixed fee which is force the traditional estate agent brands to lower their prices which can only be a good thing for buyers and sellers. The service you get from a traditional estate agent is however very valuable and many people don’t have the time to market their own properties although some of the key elements such as photos and EPCs are provided by many of these sell it on your own websites.

However many people are starting to see that perhaps these traditional estate agents are overpriced and many of the key factors in selling a property potentially being overcharged for and you can now start to see the real value of these factors through the new brand of websites. The stall warts estate agents such as Foxtons, hunters, Bairstowe Eves, Knight Frank, Colebrook and Sturrock, wards are certainly being challenged by these new estate agents and competition can only be a good thing for the market. It is really a matter of time and energy that the seller wants to put into marketing eventually selling their own property and this could be weighed up against the costs and the level of service provided by each company. But certainly the many options that are out there now for sellers is real benefit to the market and the industry is a strong as ever.

We would always recommend to research and consider all your options before you sell your property. And always seek advice on the pricing and valuing of your property to make sure that you can get the best value on the sale. This is why it’s always good to receive a few valuations and quotes and then you have more options in your decision on where you go. Many people now are looking to sell their property after this recent jump in price and act market activity brought on by the stamp duty holiday and post Covid situation. This activity in the short term will be good for the market however we will see how the market performs in the long term as we emerge from the current pandemic. Please register for the Matt cullum property blog and we will send you regular market updates and commentary on the property industry.

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Property Types

The UK property market is budding with opportunities. If you are an investor, there are several options to choose from. The many options include buy-to-let, commercial property, off-plan investment, and land investment, just to mention a few. 

So, if you are thinking of exploring the property market, this article is dedicated specifically to you. Let’s explore the different investment types at your disposal.

1. Matt Cullum Buy-to-let

Buy-to-let property investment is buying a property to rent out to tenants. This is the traditional investment where an investor purchases flats in an area with a high demand for rentals. 

Buy-to-let is considered low risk since it requires less financial investment than other types of property investment. The property also takes a long time to appreciate. However, in the short term, an investor will benefit from the rental income, which can be injected into the mortgage payment and expenses such as maintenance cost. In the long run, an investor is assured of consistent income. 

There are several factors you should consider to get the most of your investment. For starters, buy-to-let mortgages are generally expensive as compared to residual mortgages. Their interest rate is higher, and the deposit is considerably large.

Secondly, consider whether you’ll want to increase the property’s value by renovating it, or your objective is to rent the property immediately. 

The most important factor is the area where the property is located. Depending on your goals, you want to consider buying a property in areas where there is a potential for a rent increase or the property value increase. 

Lastly, are you buying the property alone or getting in a partnership? If it’s a joint venture, you want to ensure the terms of your agreements are clear. 

2. Matt Cullum Commercial Property

Commercial property involves buying property and renting it out for commercial purposes. This category involves office buildings, restaurants and hotels, industrial real estate, malls, supermarkets, and shopping centers. Here an investor can build and lease out for commercial purposes. 

An investor can have a lease for several years, which can caution him/her against tough economic times where the rent is expected to decline. On the flip side, multiple years’ lease can be a setback because the property owner cannot increase the rent if the rental rates increase within the lease period.

Just like in buy-to-let, investors need to understand the market demand and invest in areas with a potential for a high return on investment. 

3. Matt Cullum Off Plan

Off-plan investment is buying a property before its completion. The property development might not have started at all, or it might be mid-way. This type of investment requires thorough research prior to investment, as it is considered risky.

On the bright side, you will be part of the project from start to finish. You can choose the fittings, features, and fixtures to meet your design preference. 

Also, the deposit required when investing in an off-plan can be less than what is needed for a complete building. Since you’ll buy the property at a fixed price before the construction begins, you are cautioned against inflation. The possibility of getting a discount for bulk purchases is another plus. 

4. Matt Cullum Land Investment 

Another great investment opportunity is land. Land appreciates and depreciates depending on the market demands. Therefore, it is important to be on the lookout for development projects in different areas that might influence the value of the land. As an investor, legit sources like the government and renowned property development firms can help you keep tabs on these opportunities. 


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