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The Matthew Cullum property blog will provide developers and property buyers the opportunities to get involved in the market and buy undervalued properties. The marketplace has changed dramatically over the last 5 to 10 years and particularly with Covid there are many opportunities to buy a property at dramatically reduced prices and below market value. The industry for property as clearly changed and with it comes the changes in the methods you should use to purchase and find properties.

The Matt Cullum property blog will seek to help investors and property buyers with a couple of key elements that are required to find the best deals in the property market. This can include property development deals, buy to let deal is, Commercial and residential property deals. It should be noted that there are many websites and useful resources available and even on this site that can help in finding the best deals and you should do your best to search these sites and resources.

One of the key most useful websites that we have found is Land insight. This is a very useful website to search for property of all types including plots and residentials, And it will give you the information as to the owners and how much they paid. You can also highlight plots within a certain area and see recent or past planning applications as well as the local demand in the area for these types of property.

Another useful website is of course Rightmove and super these websites are some of the best estate agent-based websites in on the market and we suggest using your demographics to search for the deals in your area. You can also now use the new website on the market. This website is also an estate agent-based website and this will help you immeasurably in finding the right deals in your area and often has properties that are not on the other websites including Rightmove and super.

We will also provide you with examples of the best deals whether it be by select or residential development property and commercial. Our experts continue research the market in key areas of the country to find the best property deals and we send out alerts regularly to subscribers. Finding the best property deals is often the most time-consuming element to property portfolio building and development. You really need to spend the time and care finding the best deals as well as contacting the owners and making offers frequently. For every turn off as you make you may only have a positive response from one and this means you should be continually putting out low offers in the hope that you will get a motivated seller.

This is also a key element in property portfolio building and finding motivated sellers will always help you the best profits in all areas. The seller is sufficiently motivated you can get significantly below market value prices whether it be by select all residential development property.

For more information and a free market report please register on the Matthew Cullum blog and we will get back to you with more information as to how to subscribe and make use of these resources.

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